FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Useful information

I am interested in the course for my child, can he / she try it?

Of course! We usually invite children and teenagers to take one or two trial lessons for free to see if they are happy and if they like the activity we do.

Before coming, it is obviously necessary to contact us.

Feel free to call or whatsapp to +393472130696 or info.atlaskarate@gmail.com

Where are your gyms / where do you take courses?

We have 2 gyms: one in Crema, in via Brescia 23, and the other in Casaletto Ceredano, in via dell'Inastrone 12.

We start in September and roughly follow the school year calendar.

On what days and times do you do the courses?

Go see the relevant page "Class Schedule"

Do you do "Olympics karate"?

Yes 🥰 we are regularly registered with Fijlkam, the official federation, recognized by CONI, for Italian karate.

In addition to the Olympics, our federation allows you to compete in the races of the WKF (World karate Federation, which refers to the IOC): the Premier League circuit, the Europeans and the WKF World Championships.

My child is under 6, can he still come?

we usually try to take courses with children that they can follow during the lesson. This is not only due to age, so it is possible to bring children who are not already 6 years old to us for a test. The important thing is that, after a first test and an adaptation phase, they are able to be involved in the proposed activity, to avoid (especially in the interest of the child!) The risk of getting bored or disturbing the rest of the group.

My child or I practice (practiced) karate elsewhere, is that a problem?

Absolutely not! It happens that you want to change or resume the activity after some time. In these cases the best thing is to call us to understand the situation, as each person is different. Feel free to call or write to +393472130696 or info.atlaskarate@gmail.com

Do i need the green pass to take lessons with you?

Every person who participates and is over 12 years old needs the green pass.

We comply with all federal guidelines and national safety regulations regarding covid 19.