Atlas Karate - Eng

Our philosophy

Atlas is a sports club born with fresh energies and with a clear goal in mind: an association made up of young people, for young and very young and "no longer that young".

There are no age limits to practice karate!

Our aim is to offer those who attend our courses the opportunity to improve themselves, discovering or rediscovering themselves.

Beginners will be able to learn the basics, focusing with the little ones on the development of intelligence and motor development.

People, adolescents or adults, who want to practice (or want to resume) karate with already in-depth knowledge, will be able to find other growth motivations, to continue the path without losing interest.

These motivations can range from the knowledge of a style different from one's own (Shōtōkan or Shitō-ryū), to undertake the path of competition, or to aim for personal growth while remaining in the amateur field, with an eye to physical preparation.